As a self-taught San Francisco / Bay Area mixed media artist since the late 90's, Lena Ingram uses photography in various forms and abstract painting as the main focus of her artwork to create multidimensional and textured pieces.  Ingram has worked with natural resources such as sand, paper, leaves, flowers, petals, gold, etc. on recycled wood, glass and window frames enhancing shadow and depth.  She works mostly with acrylic, water based and metallic paints to create various hues that absorb and reflect light at different angles, ever changing the landscape of the painting.  These pieces come to life as Ingram relies on her emotions to inspire visions of pleasure, pain, depravity, peace, anger, social stigma and love.  Ingram continues to participate in art exhibits and custom commissions. 

After calling the Bay Area home for 37 years, Ingram has relocated to Palm Springs where she resides as an artist.

"As a perfectionist I try very hard to ensure that what I create or assist in creating represents my heart, soul and talent. It is humbling and gratifying when someone responds emotionally to my work.   I have been fortunate to have found my true soul is that of an artist."

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