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Saffron Short Film Trailer / writing, directing & editing
Charles Ingram Hosting Reel / editing
Sculptor Yossi Vartan / editing
Robert Axel Interview / writing, filming & editing
Sebastian Loves P.B. Film Trailer / writing, directing 
& editing
Baltino Oasis  / fliming & editing
Lena Ingram has been obsessed with
movies since she was a child. At 18,
after seeing 'West Side Story' at the
Paramount Theater, she changed her
college architecture major to dramatic
art. Filmmaking and writing was a
natural progression coming from a
theatrical, hair & make-up
background. The creativity of film
editing is for Irish Lavenders
inspired Lena to partner up
with Stuart Locklear in writing and
directing for A Miniseries
Productions giving her a chance to
pull from various inspirations,
challenges & stories.

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film projects go to:

Enjoy the promo samples
& trailers below!
Gloria Bigelow Promo / filming & editing